Is Surveysavvy a Scam?

Is SurveySavvy a scam? Many people who are interested in earning extra money via this survey site want to know if they really will be rewarded for the surveys that they complete on the site. This article will give you facts about SurveySavvy, so you’ll know why it’s a legitimate site.

What is SurveySavvy?

SurveySavvy is a paid survey site. You’ll be offered the opportunity to do surveys on this site and you’ll be paid for each one that you complete successfully. As with all other survey sites, you may not qualify for every survey that you’re invited to participate in.

You’ll often have to complete a set of screening questions at the beginning of each survey. These questions help to determine whether you are in the demographic that’s required for the survey. For example, you may receive an invitation to a survey because you have children but the survey may actually be focused on single dads. The screening questions would help to establish whether you’re in the group that the researchers are looking for.

The surveys that you do on SurveySavvy are for market research purposes. Each one helps to provide data on how consumers think about a particular product, use it or enjoy its benefits. The surveys cover a wide range of areas and your answers are kept confidential.

Who owns Surveysavvy?

SurveySavvy is operated by Luth research, LLC. This market research company is based in San Diego in the United States. They offer behavior tracking and other services. They have been conducting research for more than 40 years.

SurveySavvy is actually one of the oldest sites in the sector in the United States and started in 1999. It has steadily grown its community to millions, with members from around the world. You don’t have to live in the US to participate in this work form home opportunity.

Luth Research released the SurveySavvy app in 2009. From that point on, members have been able to complete surveys on the go, by using their smartphones. The organization contracts with research companies that require data from real people and all the surveys are hosted on the site.

BBB Accredited

Luth Research has received an A+ rating from the better business Bureau (BBB). This means that SurveySavvy’s parent company is both legitimate and recognized for very good business practices. They have been accredited by the BBB since 1993.

Does the app work on all devices?

The SurveySavvy app is available for all platforms. You can download it to your iPhone or iPad. You can also use it with Microsoft Edge. Android users can also make money on the go.

What’s the source of compensation on SurveySavvy?

Each member is compensated for the time that they spend on the surveys. So, for example, if you do a survey that lasts 30 minutes, you’ll generally earn more than when you do a survey that lasts 15 minutes. The companies that contract SurveySavvy pay you and the site keeps a portion of that money.

All surveys initiations will be sent to the email address that you provided when you signed up. You’ll be paid at least $1 for most surveys but could earn up to $3 for longer surveys. Some people may find that they are not frequently invited to do surveys because they have not completed their Profile.

Your Profile gives information about you that is used to help the app determine which surveys would possibly be a good fit. If there’s no information in your profile, the app cannot do that.

Are there other paid opportunities?

Surveys are not the only way to earn on SurveySavvy.. Once you become a member of the platform, you’ll have other opportunities available to you. These include SavvyConnect and the SurveySavvy referral program. With the referral program, you can invite friends directly via your referral link or you can share your friend’s email address with the site and they will invite them directly.

SurveySavvy’s SavvyConnect Program

SurveySavvy has a SavvyConnect option for earning on the site, where you can connect several of your devices and earn cash for each one. SavvyConnect is only currently offered to members who live in the United States. To connect a device, you can download the app to it. You can do this for your desktop, phone and tablet, earning $5 for each device that you connect.

This fee is paid on a monthly basis, so if you just have two devices connected, you’ll earn $10 a month from those two. The maximum is three devices, from which you could earn $15 monthly. You won’t have to do anything. Just put the app on your device and you’ll earn passively. by allowing the app to monitor your online browsing habits and collect data as you use other mobile apps.

You will be paid for allowing this but you don’t have to participate if you do not want to. If you decide to participate in this aspect of their research, you’ll need to go into Settings on your device and “Trust” the Luth Research LLC profile. instructions on how to do this are provided by the company.

Sometimes opportunities to participate in surveys will arise from this type of data collection. You will be sent a paid invitation to answer questions related to a particular aspect of your browsing in that case and you’ll receive much more compensation than for a regular SurveySavvy survey.

While SavvyConnect is a passive income earning opportunity, you must satisfy certain requirements to keep earning money via this program. You must regularly use the device that’s connected. They must get at least seven days of usage data from that particular device in every month. You also need to update the app as soon as the latest software version becomes available.

SurveySavvy Referral Program

SurveySavvy has a referral program which gives you another way to earn. If you know of other people who would like to earn by doing surveys, you can invite them to the site. You’ll receive a bonus for every person that signs up by using your code. and completes a survey. You’ll get $2 for direct referrals and $1 whenever an indirect referral completes a survey.

You won’t have to create a separate account to participate in this referral program and will find your referral code once you are logged in to the app. Just click on the Referrals page.

Whenever your referral completes a survey, you will get a bonus. However, this is not credited to your account immediately. It can take a while and in most cases, you’ll receive the credits within four to 12 weeks. This time is longer than most other survey sites but the credits will eventually arrive in your account.


Members have also been able to win in the sweepstakes that are offered by Surveysavvy. They also have contests, which allow you to demonstrate your skills in other areas. The winner of one of their jingle contests was able to receive a prize of $500.

Good History of Payments

SurveySavvy delivers payments via check. Your payment has to be processed in house and then mailed to you. Participants in the surveys usually receive their checks, although it can take a while for the payment to arrive.

They do not offerother payment options, such as PayPal or bank transfers. This means you are unlikely to get your payments in a few days and this is one of the drawbacks of doing business with the site. However, this does not make it a scam. It’s simply their way of processing payments.

Even if you don’t live in the United States, your payment will be sent to you as a check. This check will be denominated in US currency. This means that you will need to have an account in USD in your home country or have another means of changing the check once it arrives in your mailbox.

How do you join?

To join SurveySavvy, you’ll need to give your name, email address, country of residence and a password. You will also need to give your home address, since your payment will be mailed to you via check. Your birthdate is required and you’ll also have to give information on your gender

There no fees required to become a member of SurveySavvy. They accept members from all countries and you can select yours from the drop down menu. If your country is not included, you can email them. If you need to, you can change your email address or other information by clicking on the Profile section.

The Facts Show That SurveySavvy is A Legitimate Site

SurveySavvy is not a scam. It is a legitimate site. The facts show that SurveySavvy has been in business for many years. The app has also been in use for years and the people who earn money from it have been paid.

The parent company is decades old and is accredited by the BBB. SurveySavvy does have delays with payments and crediting your referral earnings, which are due to the systems they choose to utilize. Despite that, they are a legitimate site with real ways to earn money online and you will get your payment.