7 Sites Like Textbroker That Pay

Home-based online jobs began to appear around the year 2000. But, after 2005 online freelancing began to take over the world.

Nowadays, home-based freelancing jobs are quite common. However, the internet is a vast sea of data and websites. Hence, it’s still not so easy to find a good freelance writing platform.

Textbroker is a legit writing platform for a freelance writer. It started its journey back in 2007. Now, Textbroker is a famous place for online writers.

This site allows only US citizens to write for them. They have many levels. A writer has to complete several projects to reach the top level. Top-level writers earn a hefty income and they are really good writers.

Now, non-US-based writers and non-native English writers may also want to become great freelance writers.

So, which sites will give them opportunities? Is there any legit site for these freelance writers? Will those sites pay?

To know all the answers to these questions, you have to read the below discussion. Here, you will find 7 popular and legit freelance writing platforms.

7 Sites Like Textbroker That Pay

1) Fiverr

The first freelance writing platform is ‘Fiverr’. Fiverr and Textbroker works differently. On Fiverr, you have to post a gig/gigs (a kind of ad). Then, buyers will see those gigs and they will contact you. So, there will be no open projects (like Textbroker).

The best part of Fiverr is that they accept writers from all around the world. Fiverr is on the ‘New Work Stock Exchange’ and they are a completely legit company.

On Fiverr, you can set your own price. Though, you can’t charge lower than $5. Fiverr will get a 20% commission. Fiverr has four writer’s levels (standard, level one, level two, and top-rated). You have to have a good rating to reach the top level.

There is another level called – ‘Pro’. Fiverr team manually reviews these writers. ‘Pro’ level writers can really earn well.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all over the world.

Payment – Starts from $5 (you write 100 words or 1000 words. It’s your choice). Supports – Paypal, Payoneer, direct deposit, and revenue card.

How To Apply – No test is required (free account). But, you may have to give a short test later.

2) iWriter

Iwriter can be called the best alternative to Textbroker. This platform works almost like Textbroker. You have to pass two tests to enter this site. A grammar test and an article writing text.

This platform has four writing levels. They have – standard, premium, elite, and elite plus levels. A standard-level writer can start his/her earning with $2.15 (500 words).

If a writer gets great ratings, then the writer can reach the top level. A buyer pays $39 for ordering a 500 word article on the top-level. The iWriter team will take a 35% commission and the writer will get 65% of that money.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all over the world

Payment – Fixed price (starts at .43 cents per word). Supports – Paypal.

How To Apply – You have to pass two tests to write on this platform (free account).

3) Freelancer

Freelancer is a popular platform. It’s an Australia-based freelance platform and It was founded in 2009. ‘Freelancer’ accepts writers from all over the world.

To get writing projects on Freelancer, you have to bid. Buyers post projects and writers bid on them. Later, a buyer can choose any writer reading their proposals.

‘Freelancer’ doesn’t take any test. Hence, anybody can get an opportunity to write on this platform. However, a writer can take paid tests to build his/her credibility.

Buyers can post bulk works or short projects. Now, a writer has to write clever words to attract the buyer’s attention. A writer can apply to 8 projects per month for free. The platform has good competition. So, a writer should be patient.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all over the world.

Payment – No fixed price (depends on projects and bids). Supports – Paypal, Skrill, Wire Transfer, express withdrawal, and more popular methods.

How To Apply – No tests are required (free account). Later, a writer may want to take tests to make his/her profile reliable.

4) Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular and reliable freelance marketplace. Great writers would love to work on this platform. It was founded in 2015 and it’s a US-based platform.

Writers from all around the world can apply on Upwork. They don’t charge any money to open an account. But, you have to prepare a great profile to start writing on this platform.

Upwork works like Freelancer. Buyers post their projects and writers bid on them. Then, the buyer chooses a writer. There are no fixed rates. Because project offer varies.

But, Upwork is a little different from the above platforms. At first, a writer can apply for projects for free. After several offers, you may have to pay them to apply for the jobs. So, you should try to get a project within the first 4 or 7 proposals/ applications.

You will get ’20 Connects’ on Upwork. After spending them, you have to buy new ‘connects’. Hence, a writer should apply to jobs smartly.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all over the world.

Payment- No fixed-rate (depends on the projects). They have ‘hourly’ and ‘fixed’ rate projects.

Supports – Paypal, Payoneer, Wire-Transfer, local bank transfer, direct US bank transfer, and more popular payment options are available.

How To Apply – No tests are required and you can open an account for free.

5) Constant-Content

‘Constant-content’ is one of the oldest freelance writing marketplace. This platform is open for worldwide writers. The brightest feature of this platform is that they sell pre-written content.

To write on this site, a writer has to pass a truly stringent test. No grammatical mistakes and unprofessionalism are tolerated on this platform. That’s why very few writers can write in this place.

If you are a good writer, you can set your article’s prices. There are thousands of pre-written articles on this place. So, a buyer can buy any article he/she wants to.

This site also allows buyers to post custom projects. They take 35% commission from writers. But, a writer can charge $50 or more for a 500-word article. So, this website is worth joining.

Before submitting your article, an editor will check it. SEO and grammar are checked and then your content will pass. The editor can also send the article back to you to rectify your mistakes.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all around the world.

Payment – Some projects are fixed. You can set your own price. The site has high earning opportunities. Supports – Stripe and Wise payment systems.

How To Apply- You have to submit a writing sample. Then, they will scrutinize it manually. If they approve, you can write.

6) People Per Hour

‘People Per Hour’ is a UK-based company and they started their journey in 2007. This website has a huge list of writing categories. So, a freelance writer can find his/her favorite projects easily.

There are five levels in this platform. An excellent and reliable writer can reach the top level and the writer can earn well.

This site charges a 20% commission from writers. But, they charge less from a good seller (projects worth more than 250 pounds).

‘People Per Hour’ is a good place to hire local talents. Buyers post projects/jobs on this platform and writers send proposals to them. A writer should have a strong profile and great reviews. Thus, it would be easier for a writer to attract good clients.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all over the world.

Payment – No fixed price (depends on the projects). Supports – Paypal, Payoneer, direct local bank transfer, and more popular methods.

How To Apply – No tests are taken. Just give them details about you. Then, ‘People Per Hour’ will decide – whether you should write on their platform or not!

7) Zerys

Zerys is connected to Interact Media. It was born in 2008 and it’s a good writing platform. But, you shouldn’t expect a high rate/word from this site.

Zerys works like Textbroker. So, a writer can choose from open projects. Hence, no bidding and no waiting. But, a buyer can also send direct orders to a writer.

A writer can also pick up projects from the ‘buyer’s favorite writers’ category. A writer can choose his/her favorite writing category. If a project is posted in this section, then Zerys sends an email to the writer.

A five-star rated writer earns well (per word). So, if you are a beginner, then ‘Zerys’ can be a great freelancing platform for you.

Summary –

Who Can Write – Writers from all over the world.

Payment – Depends on the standard or rating of the writer. Supports – Paypal.

How To Apply – You have to give them your details and a sample writing. Then, the Zerys team will decide – whether your application should be approved or not!

The above article – 7 sites like Textbroker that pay – can surely help you to find some good and reliable Textbroker alternatives. These sites have job categories like – blog writing, article writing, press-release writing, copywriting, review writing, product description writing, C.V. writing, and more. So, find your favorite category and start writing.