Is Swagbucks Worth It?

If you want to earn money from your home, there is no need for specialized skills. Most websites ask you to do some complicated tasks to get online payments because you may have to complete article writing and internet marketing jobs on freelancing portals. Some websites pay you to do a job that does not require any specialization. You can earn by watching videos and doing simple tasks on Swagbucks. We will break down all the parts of this website to help you if it is worth working on this website.

How does Swagbucks work?

It is an online company with many different ways of earning online by completing simple tasks. You can join the website without much hassle as they have an easy-to-understand procedure to help you join. Once you join, you can watch videos, do online searches, and complete surveys to earn money. You can get the funds as gift cards or some balance on Paypal. We will give you details of all these aspects in this article.

How to join?

The simplest way to join is by going to the sign-up page and clicking the Facebook sign-up button. It will take you to a new page where it will detect your Facebook profile. A notification will help you allow them to access your Facebook profile details. After you get access to the webpage, they may ask you for some details about yourself. You are ready to go after that. You can also give your email address and password without going to the Facebook button. You will get an email to verify your email address. After the verification, you can add more details to your account to activate it. After the activation, you can start earning using the small tasks available there.

How to use the portal?

After you have activated your account, you will see many tasks on the home page. You can look for the jobs of different categories using the filter button on the left side of the website. If you click on surveys, the website will take you to a new page with all the available surveys. It is possible to click on the tasks to enter and start filling forms. The website may take you to a different website to complete the surveys. You may also get paid to search on the internet. You can click on the search button on the left side of the page to find the relevant tasks. Once you complete a task, Swagbucks will add points to your website wallet. After you have accumulated enough of these Swagbucks, you can go to the payout web page to get further options.

Mobile app

If you are a fan of mobile applications instead of computer websites, you can download the Swagbucks mobile application from the Play Store in the case of Android and the App store in the case of iPhone. Once you download the application, it will become easy for you to navigate and find paid jobs. Using a mobile application is much easier than using web pages. Some paid tasks are only available on the mobile app. You must install the mobile app also to find extra jobs to earn more money.

Different ways to earn from Swagbucks

There are many different ways to earn from this company because the website is designed to help people earn without specialized skills.


If you can understand complicated English terms, you can earn money from the polls. Polls are not available in every region as most internet marketers collect data for US and UK markets. You can click the polls tab on the website to get all the tasks. You can complete polls using a single click or add some data according to your opinion to earn money.


It is one of the best ways to get money from this Swagbucks because you can earn money by using regular online searches. It is possible to change your default browser to Swagbucks as it will help you earn more money. If you continue using this browser instead of Google, you will get reward passively. It is also possible to do online searches according to the guidelines of paid tasks on the website. It is one of the easiest ways to earn here.


If you want to earn without visiting the website, you can create your referral link and ask other peoples to join their company. Once a person joins using your link, you are going to get a hundred Swagbucks. If you have a platform with many visitors, it is possible to earn big using these tasks.


All the other ways of earning from the Swagbucks cannot compete with the surveys. You have to complete different surveys to earn money. Most of the surveys add more points to your wallet as compared to other tasks. Most other tasks may give you 10 points while surveys can give you 200 to 500 points. The chances of earning from the survey are much more as compared to the other tasks.


You can get different discount offers on the Swagbucks. If you buy something online using the link from this website, you can earn points also. You may get discount offers on hundreds of brands from Swagbucks.


It is possible to earn money by watching videos on Swagbucks. You can go to the video watching button on the left side of the online portal to enter the page where you can watch different videos to earn money. The website has special programs that force you to watch videos for a long time to earn points. If you close the video before the specific period, you will not get the points.


Everyone loves playing games. Some games give you money if you play them for a long time. Swagbucks has many games with high earning potential. You can play small games to earn some points.

Payout method

The website pays $1 for every hundred points. It means that if you get 500 points, you can get an Amazon gift card worth $5. You can request the payout once you have reached the minimum payout limit.


Most people like to withdraw the money on Paypal because they can get the money in a bank account. They can also use PayPal to buy different things on the internet. Your Paypal email address must be the same as your Swagbucks email address. You will get the money on your Paypal in a few days after you request the payment.


You can redeem the points using gift cards also. Many convert the points to Amazon gift cards. You are not limited to the Amazon gift cards only because it is possible to get gift cards for different stores. They have more than 1500 brands on their list.

Chances of winning big

It is possible to earn big if you add your points to the Swagbucks sweepstake. They use a lucky draw to choose the winners of the sweepstake. You can win thousands of dollars using this program. It is better to withdraw your money if you want to buy something. If there is no urgency to withdraw your points, you can add them to this program as there is a chance of winning big.

How much earning can you expect?

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. People come to the website expecting that they will get minimum wage by working here. It is not possible as you may get $1 for one hour of work. You may not get all the jobs that pay a high number of points consistently. After the welcome bonus and few online surveys, only a few tasks pay a high number of points. It is not possible to live a normal life by working only on the Swagbucks. It is perfect for students who can increase their pocket money by a few dollars every month. You can earn 500 to 2000 dollars every year by giving two hours to this website every day. It is possible to earn a few cents if you focus only on the passive activities. People who work consistently and focus on active tasks like surveys can earn one dollar an hour. If you live in the United States and the UK, you may become eligible for high-paying surveys. It is possible to get five dollars an hour by completing the paid surveys.


The worth of Swagbucks is different for every individual. If you are a professional earning thousands of dollars, you may not receive benefits from this company. You can get more money with the same effort in your professional field. You can benefit from this website if you want to get discounts on your favorite brands. A student can increase his pocket money or buy some mobile accessories using the payment from Swagbucks. It is a legitimate paying website with low earning potential. It has high worth for the students but not so beneficial for the professionals with less time to spend online.