Top 10 Survey Sites That Pay

Earning with paid surveys is one clear example of how easy it has become to find job and business opportunities in the digital world. Today, many people depend on paid surveys as their sole employment. This is because filling out surveys can be an interesting venture for anyone with time and patience.

So, are you excited about the idea of making money with paid surveys? If so, we present a series of portals that will help you. These portals vary depending on your country, some are available, and some are not. Here is a list of the top 10 survey sites that pay.


Companies, before launching new products, carry out market studies to see if the product will like it or be successful. Companies could carry out these studies on the street or on the phone, interviewing random people.

However, on the street, people don’t stop, or otherwise, they would answer the questions listlessly or without thinking too much. A similar situation happens on the phone. People, for fear of scams, not only do not answer questions, but also try to end the call as soon as possible.

That’s why big companies prefer to use paid survey sites, where users answer the questionnaires in detail, in a convenient situation, and get paid in return.

Bonus:  Survey Junkey was not reviewed on this list, but they offer great “make money from survey” options.


Below we share all the information related to the best platforms to fill out paid surveys: check out!


Founded in the UK in May 2000, YouGov is an international market research company based in England. Today it has more than 9 million users around the world, which makes it one of the most reliable survey sites.

YouGov polls are accessible to anyone who wishes to give their opinions and make their voices heard on issues or other matters of general interest.

It is possible to join the YouGov panel as long as you are over 16 years old. The surveys offered by YouGov are very short and only take 3 to 5 minutes. A survey typically has 20 to 30 questions in total. Sometimes some surveys can be a bit longer but will never exceed 15 minutes. You are free to do surveys anytime and anywhere, be it at school or at work, because this application is very simple and easy to use.

Everyone who takes the survey receives credit in the form of points after each survey is taken, and these points are credited automatically when you finish the job. In order to get paid, you must collect a minimum of 5000 survey points, which is $25, then you can withdraw it into your PayPal account.


SurveySavvy is a world-renowned company. The platform works via website and application and is also a good option for those who want to answer paid surveys and earn extra money over the Internet.

The functioning of this site is a little different, although it does provide some questionnaires to answer. The main function of this site is to understand and report on the trends and behaviors of people using the Internet.

So, in addition to answering the surveys on the site and making money, the user who wants to earn more rewards can choose to install an application on their mobile phone, PC, tablet, or iPad that will monitor the way you use these devices and you earn around $25 per month for each device that has the app-enabled (limited to 3 devices).


Swagbucks is one of the best-paid survey sites on the Internet today because it offers many ways to earn points (SB) that will be redeemable for vouchers, Paypal transfers, many lotteries (raffle sort), mobile application. When you register, you earn 1 to 2 dollar

With this site, you can easily make ends meet without worries because, in addition to surveys, you have other ways to earn money, such as:

• Cashbacks

• Watch videos

• Visit sites.

For every 700 SB points, you will earn $5. You can transfer this money directly to your PayPal account.


Formerly known as the Global Test Market (GTM), Lifepoint is a well-known market research company that pays people for taking online surveys. It is also very similar to other paid survey sites that pay members to share their opinions on various products or services. As for surveys, they conduct market research on a wide range of topics: Consumer Products, Movies, Restaurants, and News.

Life point typically pays in points which can be converted into cash or prizes. You usually get between 5 and 100 points for a survey. The most common paid surveys earn around 35 points. The points vary depending on the duration of the survey so that the shorter surveys with a single question will yield less.

It is perfect for filling your spare time while collecting survey points. To exchange points, you have to collect a minimum value of 1,000 Lifeponts, and you can exchange the points into your PayPal account.


This platform goes beyond surveys. Companies hire InboxDollars to receive user information, where you can answer surveys, watch television, use coupons or play video games and receive payment for doing so.

InboxDollars is available in the United States, and it is a very interesting option. According to its information that it has given out, more than $59 million in rewards have been paid out.


This survey page is only available to people living in the United States, and you can only join if you’re invited. Once you register (you must register and confirm your email), you will have the opportunity to evaluate products before they are released to the public.

The idea is that users evaluate products before they are available on the market to know their opinion. The principle is simple, the more surveys you complete, the more points you earn. Points will be redeemable for gifts or cash.

7. I-SAY

Present on the Internet for more than ten years, I-Say is a subsidiary site of the Ipsos group, which operates 75% in the field of paid surveys. I-Say is also a reference because approximately 98% of these users say they are satisfied with the quality of service offered. It is present in the field of market research.

Your mission is simply to share your opinion on all subjects. By answering them, you accumulate points to be redeemed for rewards and can also participate in sweepstakes. The advantage is that there are no taxes on this type of remuneration.

When you sign up with them, you have access to other types of surveys, much more in-depth, which makes a lot of money.


The next online survey site is iSurveyWorld which is already widely used by survey users. Once you join their community, you can start filling out surveys regarding products and services that you use every day.

You receive a payment for each survey you fill out, and you receive this payment via Paypal. To start receiving surveys, you must register on the platform and confirm the email that reaches your email.

Each survey takes an average of 15-20 minutes, and they will come to you based on the interests and preferences you specify when you create your account.


Toluna is a company that produces online surveys for pollsters, agencies, advertisers, and research professionals. It was created in 2000 in France, where its head office is located until today. The particularity of Toluna is that this site also offers product tests apart from surveys.

It has a site and an application, allowing members to operate via their Smartphones or tablets. Surveys are, of course, remunerated. Registration is relatively easy and allows you to obtain 500 Points as soon as you register and thus start your first paid surveys.


PrizeRebel is a multi-award-winning (GPT) website that is available in many countries and offers a variety of paid surveys. You can answer surveys, register on websites, complete tasks, and more, which will enable you to earn points. And for every 100 points, you earn, you get $1.

Also, there are several types of rewards: cards with a game code, cash via PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa.

Also, you can get gift cards (Amazon, AppStore, Spotify, etc.).

IMPORTANT TIP: Since it is difficult for a single survey site to be able to guarantee you 3 or 4 questionnaires a day suitable for your profile, subscribing to more survey sites will certainly be advantageous. This is because you will have a greater number of questionnaires available every day whenever you have time and desire to compile one.


Online paid surveys are definitely a great way to supplement your salary, set aside small bucks, or earn extra monthly. The profit, with paid survey sites, is guaranteed. You only need to dedicate a little time to answer the questions in the questionnaires: ten minutes or a couple of hours a day. Remember that your earnings will depend exclusively on your availability in terms of time and your desire to answer questions.

Lastly, it is important to be careful because there are online survey scams. These are sites that force you to pay to register or that promise very high amounts. So, let’s rely on the list we have provided above.